Actuators based on non-conventional propagation of acoustic waves with the aim to develop novel drip irrigation systems capable of delivering water to arbitrarily selected individual plant.

Sensors based on non-conventional propagation of acoustic waves in artificial media with the aim to develop new generation of sensors needed in agriculture such as various gas sensors, sensors for blind gas detection, proportional composition of the gas mixture.

EM/optical sensors based on metasurfaces with the aim to develop new advanced sensors for biosensing applications.

Advanced manufacturing technologies with the aim to provide practical solutions for the fabrication of novel acoustic and matesurface-based sensors and actuators.

To foster the creation of innovations and concrete products needed to address burning challenges in the agrifood sector today

To enable researchers to acquire new soft skills, support their career development and empower them to actively take part in shaping Europe’s future

To disseminate NOCTURNO achievements to the widest audiences thus ensuring its maximal impact